The integrated solution of Playtech Campaign Manager and Optimove is used for the automatic activation/deactivation of player promotions (activities), allowing Optimove to activate/deactivate the promotions for specific lists of players within Playtech Campaign Manager, for one or more brands.

Setting Up the Integration

In order to set up the integration between your Optimove site and Playtech Campaign Manager, the following steps are required:

  1. Provide Optimove with the URL, password and certificate for each brand managed in Campaign Manager. The format of the URL should be similar to
  2. In Playtech Campaign Manager, create an empty corresponding Opt-In List (Player Group) for each promotion using the same name (e.g., Optimove_PromotionName). Optimove will be responsible for maintaining this group during campaign execution – Optimove will autoamtically add/remove players to/from this group via the Playtech API.
  3. Ask Playtech to whitelist Optimove’s IP address, which your CSM will provide you.
  4. Ask Playtech to enable the API function "playerOptiInOperationRequest" that will allow Optimove to add/remove players to/from groups.




playerOptiInOperationRequest – Playech API

The API that Optimove calls to add/remove players to/from Playtech groups

Username, Player, PlayerInfo, Subscriber

Equivalent to "client_customer_id" in your Optimove database, by default (if the player ID is not "client_customer_id", contact your CSM.)


Equivalent to "promo code" in Optimove


Value is set to "add" or "remove", depending on the desired action (to add/remove players):

  • ActionType = "add": When a campaign is executed, promocode is added per player in Playtech
  • ActionType = "remove": During Optimove's daily process, the promocode is removed per player in Playtech.

Flow Summary

Managing Promotions within Optimove

Adding a new promotion (activity) to Optimove can be done in the following two ways:

  1. Add a manual promotion in the Optimove UI: In the Run Campaign wizard, add a new promotion from the Add Promotion dialog, as shown below. The new Promotion code and name must correspond to an existing promotion already defined in Playtech Campaign Manager.

  2. Add a promotion to the Optimove database using the Optimove API AddPromotions function. The prefix of each promotion name will indicate which promotion database to access in Playtech Campaign Manager (when working with multiple promotion brands).

Executing Campaigns with Promotions Using Optimove

When setting up a marketing campaign in Optimove, the marketer selects the desired promotion (activity) from a drop-down list in the Optimove UI.

When executing a campaign with a promotion code, Optimove’s service will update the list of eligible players in the corresponding Opt-In list. This is done by a Playtech API function (PlayersOptInOperationRequest).

For recurring campaigns, after the first iteration, Optimove will only update the delta of eligible players in the relevant Opt-In list.

When a campaign’s duration concludes, Optimove removes the players from the Opt-In list in order to make sure that players cannot redeem the promotion beyond the span of the campaign. Campaign Manager is responsible for removing from the list all players who redeemed their bonus.