The integrated solution of Oracle Bronto and Optimove makes it easy to plan and execute marketing email campaigns, based on the advanced customer segmentation available in Optimove.

Optimove connects to the Oracle Bronto marketing automation platform for two purposes:

  1. To instruct Bronto to execute email campaigns, i.e., to send out particular email templates to specified customer lists
  2. To receive campaign metrics (delivery rate, open rate, click rate and unsubscribes) from Bronto, so that they can be included within Optimove’s campaign reports

Setting Up the Integration

In order to set up the integration between your Optimove site and your Oracle Bronto account, the following steps are required:

1. Ensure that the following customer attributes are available in Bronto:

  • Email address – this field is used to match customers between Optimove and Bronto
  • First name (optional)
  • Last name (optional)

Note: The sync can be based on email address only

2. Maintain a daily update of the Bronto database. For example, when new customers join, their information must be promptly updated in Bronto.

3. Create a folder named “Optimove” and place within it all relevant email templates.

Note: Optimove retrieves a list of available email templates via the Bronto API. In order to be accessible by Optimove, all relevant Bronto templates must be located in the "Optimove" folder.

4. Provide your CSM with your login credentials to the Bronto API:

  • Key

Note: Optimove communicates with Bronto via Bronto’s SOAP API (for the technically inclined, Bronto’s API guide is available here).

5. Provide your CSM with the following details:

  1. Your Bronto account username
  2. Your Bronto account password
  3. The email address of a test user that appears both in your Optimove instance and in your Bronto DB, for the purposes of testing the integration, once completed.
  4. The following email template settings:
    • Default "From" email address
    • Additional "From Email" emails (optional)
    • Default "From" email display name
    • Is "Reply To" managed by Bronto? (Yes/No). If No, provide also:
      • Default "Reply To" email address
      • Additional "Reply To" email addresses (optional)

Executing Bronto Campaigns Using Optimove

1. Set Up Your Email Campaigns in Optimove

  1. When scheduling a campaign in Optimove, select Bronto as the campaign’s execution channel.
  2. Select the desired template(s) for the campaign from the list of available templates.
  3. Note: The From email address, From name and Reply-To email address are not stored by Bronto within email templates. Optimove will use default values for these fields, or you can customize these values using Optimove’s Manage Templates page.

  4. Select promotion codes for the campaign (optional).
  5. Set the desired send time for the campaign.

2. Optimove Executes Your Email Campaigns

On a daily basis, Optimove performs the following steps (via API) for each campaign scheduled for that day:

  1. Optimove creates a Bronto "List" that contains the Bronto contacts to receive the email (Optimove generates the list of email addresses to receive each campaign according to the target group segmentation defined within Optimove).

    Important notes:

    • Any customer whose email address does not appear in Bronto will not receive the email.
    • The Bronto API is limited to receiving approximately 50,000 customer email addresses per minute.
  2. Optimove instructs Bronto to send the email, by providing the following parameters:
    • The ID of the list to use
    • The ID of the email template to use
    • The date and time of execution

After a campaign is sent, the Bronto List that was created by Optimove for the campaign remains in the Bronto account. Note: You should occasionally remove previously-used Lists from Bronto, as they will never be re-used by Optimove in the future.

3. Optimove Retrieves Email Campaign Metrics

For a period of one week following the sending of each Bronto mailing, Optimove connects daily to the Oracle Bronto API in order to retrieve the delivery rate, open rate, click rate and unsubscribe metrics for the campaign. These metrics are displayed within Optimove’s Campaign Analysis page for each executed campaign.