This document describes the integration between Optimove and NetEnt for the automatic activation of free spins for players who receive a particular marketing campaign. The goal of this integration is to allow Optimove to automatically activate free spins for specific lists of players within the NetEnt system.

Connecting Optimove to the NetEnt API

There are three prerequisites for the Optimove-NetEnt integration to work:

  1. The player usernames in NetEnt must exactly match the player usernames delivered to Optimove as part of the daily data update.
  2. The marketer must provide the following details to the Optimove integration staff:
    • NetEnt API URL
    • NetEnt User Name
    • NetEnt Password
  3. The IP of the Optimove system address must be whitelisted by NetEnt for the relevant API URL. The Optimove integration staff will provide this IP address to the marketer, who in turn must request that NetEnt adds it to their whitelist.

Executing Campaigns with Free Spins via Optimove

When setting up a campaign in Optimove, the marketer adds “NetEnt Free Spins” as an additional execution channel (in addition to email or SMS, for example), and then specifies the game, number of free spins and number of days for which the free spins will be valid.

Note: Valid entries for both free spins and the number of days are from 1 to 99.

When executing a campaign with the NetEnt channel specified, Optimove will automatically update the list of eligible players and their bonus spins within the NetEnt via API.