Optimove provides an automated integration with LiveRamp IdentityLink, an identity-resolution service that ties data back to real people for people-based marketing initiatives across digital channels. This integration allows you to leverage your IdentityLink account to sync Optimove’s Visitor IDs with the corresponding IdentityLink IDs.

With this integration deployed, it becomes straightforward to generate retargeting campaigns from within Optimove that are executed by IdentityLink’s service. For example, you could use this integration to automate highly targeted Facebook campaigns such that each Facebook Custom Audience is automatically updated daily, based on Optimove’s customer micro-segmentation predictive customer modeling.

There are two parts to this integration:

  • Cookie Sync – When added to your website, a JavaScript snippet provided by Optimove calls IdentityLink’s server to identify visitors. In response, IdentityLink’s server sends an Optimove “listener” its corresponding IdentityLink ID (when available). Optimove stores all received IdentityLink IDs in its customer database for the purpose of campaign targeting.
  • Campaign Execution – When a retargeting campaign you define in Optimove is executed, Optimove uses the IdentityLink IDs of the selected recipients to populate the campaign recipient list (e.g., Facebook Custom Audience) through an IdentityLink service.

Setting Up the Integration

  1. Request the Optimove Web SDK from your CSM.
  2. Add the SDK script to every page of your website.
  3. Request from your IdentityLink account manager to configure the Optimove-IdentityLink integration with Optimove’s Customer Matching service and send you the generated token.
  4. Provide this IdentityLink token to your Optimove CSM.

When the above steps are complete, Optimove will automatically map each Visitor ID generated by Optimove to an IdentityLink identifier and merge it as an attribute within the Optimove visitor profile, updated daily. You are now ready to execute Optimove-driven retargeting campaigns via IdentityLink.

Executing IdentityLink Campaigns Using Optimove

Once the above steps have been completed, you are ready to run your first IdentityLink campaign using Optimove, as follows.

1. Schedule the Campaign in Optimove

To run a campaign, launch Optimove’s Visitor Campaign Wizard and select the "Retargeting via API" channel.

2. Optimove Automatically Prepares Daily Visitor ID Lists

On a daily basis, Optimove uploads files (to a shared SFTP server) containing all the Optimove and IdentityLink IDs for all visitors targeted in that day’s campaigns. The IdentityLink service uses these files to populate each IdentityLink audience segment accordingly.

3. Run Cross-Channel Campaigns

After the campaign is scheduled in Optimove, use IdentityLink’s platform to create or select the desired campaign for each audience segment that will be populated by Optimove.

Important Note

It is not recommended to use Run Now for these campaigns. This is because if this type of campaign is run separately from the daily process (by selecting Run Now for the campaign), the list of targeted IDs may not yet be available on the SFTP sever.