Google Display Network is a collection of websites, including specific Google websites like Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger and YouTube, which show Google Ads. Using a DV360 (formerly DoubleClick Bid Manager) account you can target “User Lists” of specific users for particular Google Ads campaigns, matched by their Google IDs.

The integrated solution of Google Display Network and Optimove makes it easy to plan and execute Google Ads campaigns, based on the advanced customer segmentation available in Optimove.

Please note that starting March 2020, Google is no longer allowing new brands to integrate with Google Ads with the purpose of targeting User Lists. This service is only available using a DV360 account.

Setting Up the Integration

In order to set up the integration between your Optimove site and your DV360 account, the following steps are required:

    1. Approve Optimove as a User List Provider in your DV360 account, with one of the following permission types:
      • INVITE_ADVERTISER – User List Provider for a specific brand in your DBM account
      • INVITE_PARTNER – User List Provider for all brands in your DMB account

      In order to approve Optimove as a User List Provider with one of the above permission types, contact your Google account manager and request to connect Optimove’s Google Ads account to your account, specifying the following:

      • Your client ID
      • The type of permission you want to grant Optimove, from the three options listed above
      • Optimove's Account ID: 932038

      Once this request is passed on to Google, they will connect the Optimove account to your DV360 account, so that Optimove will be able to create new User Lists and to populate them with customer or visitor IDs.

    2. Provide your DV360 account details to Optimove:
      • Your Customer ID for the Google DMP User List API – this ID is in the format xxx-xxx-xxxx, as seen here:
      • The type of User List Provider assigned to Optimove by Google

      Your CSM will set up the integration for your Optimove site, using these details.

    3. Implement the Optimove Web SDK in order to match Google IDs with Optimove Customer IDs. Contact your CSM in order to initiate the process of implementing the Web SDK, then implement the relevant functions according to the steps described here.

Note: In order to track anonymous visitor activity, you will need Optimove’s Track & Trigger add-on product. Without Track & Trigger, Optimove will only perform cookie matching for known customers.

Advanced Setup

Working with Multiple Google Accounts

You can connect Optimove to multiple Google accounts. To do so, you must ensure that Optimove is granted permissions for each account, and then provide the ClientCustomerID and User List Provider type for each account to the Optimove integration team.

Working with Additional User Lists

Optimove will automatically create a set of preconfigured User Lists in your connected DV360 account. If you require the creation of additional User Lists, contact the Optimove integration team. Note that User Lists become active approximately 24 hours after creation.

Executing Google Display Network Campaigns Using Optimove

1. Schedule Your Google Display Network Campaign

      1. When scheduling a campaign in Optimove, select the “Google Display Network” execution channel
      2. Select the appropriate User List from the drop-down list that appears. In the next step, you will need to associate the User List you selected here with a relevant campaign.

2. Set Up the Campaign in Google

After the campaign is scheduled within Optimove, use the Google DV360 client to create the desired campaign for the User List populated by Optimove.

3. Optimove Executes Your Google Display Network Campaigns

On a daily basis, Optimove will automatically populate the selected Google User List with the customer or visitor IDs included in the selected target group. When the campaign’s measurement period concludes, Optimove will remove all IDs from the list.

Note that Optimove will only populate the User List with IDs that were already matched, by the above script, with Google IDs. Thus, a target group may contain 1,000 customers/visitors, but only 500 may be added to the User List for that target group’s campaign.

Note also that Google requires a minimum of 300 IDs in order for a User List to become active. You can associate one Google User List with more than one Optimove campaign in order to reach the 300-customer threshold, although, of course, all the associated Optimove campaigns will result in the single Google campaign run to that list.