Optimove’s integration with Google Customer Match makes it easy for you to show highly targeted Google Ads (formerly AdWords) ads to customer segments generated by Optimove. These ads, which appear only for customers based on their email addresses, are shown on the Google search page, in YouTube and in Gmail.

Until now, the two biggest challenges with effectively using Google Customer Match for customer retention have been (1) deciding which customers to include in each User List, and (2) updating the various User Lists on a frequent basis.

Optimove addresses both challenges as part of its core functions: the software allows marketers to identify and manage large numbers of highly-targeted micro-segments (target groups) of customers and automatically handles updating the customer IDs contained in each User List, every day. Updating the User Lists daily maximizes the response rates of customers by always targeting customers with the most relevant messages and incentives, given each customer’s most recent actions and behaviors.

Setting Up the Integration

In order to connect your Optimove site to the relevant Google Ads account, Optimove requires your permission to link your Google Ads account to Optimove’s Google Ads manager account. In order to link your Google Ads account, perform the following steps:

  • Provide the Client Customer ID of your Google Ads account to the Optimove integration team.
  • Confirm Optimove as an Google Ads manager (a confirmation email will be sent to you for this).


  • If you wish to use multiple Google Ads accounts with Optimove, you will need to complete the above steps for each Google Ads account.
  • Optimove will automatically create a set of preconfigured User Lists in your connected Google Ads or DV360 (formerly DoubleClick Bid Manager) account. If you require the creation of additional User Lists, contact the Optimove integration team. Note that User Lists become active approximately 24 hours after creation.

Executing Google Customer Match Campaigns Using Optimove

1. Ensure that Customer Email Addresses are Included in Your Daily Data Update

If customer email addresses are not already included in the daily data update provided by your company to Optimove, they must be added to the process. This is because Google Customer Match uses email addresses to identify customers. Adding this data will require cooperation between your company’s IT staff and the Optimove integration team.

2. Schedule a Google Customer Match Campaign

  1. Select the Google Customer Match channel when scheduling a campaign in Optimove.
  2. Select the appropriate User List from the drop-down list that appears.
  3. When setting up the campaign in Google Ads, you will need to associate the User List you selected here with a relevant campaign.

3. Set up the Campaign in Google

After the campaign is scheduled within Optimove, use the Google Ads client to create the desired campaign for the User List that will now be automatically populated by Optimove.

4. Optimove Executes Your Google Customer Match Campaigns

From this point on, Optimove will automatically populate the selected Google User List with the email addresses of customers included in the selected target group, every day. When the campaign’s measurement duration concludes, Optimove will remove all customer email addresses from the relevant User List.


  • Optimove can only populate a User List with customers for which an email address is available in the Optimove database. Thus, a campaign’s target group may contain 1000 customers, but if only half of these customers have an associated email address in Optimove, only 500 would be added to the Google User List for that campaign.
  • Google Customer Match attempts to match all customer email addresses that appear in User Lists to Google IDs, not only addresses.
  • Google requires a minimum of 300 email addresses before a particular User List will become active. You can associate one Google User List with more than one Optimove campaign in order to reach the 300-customer threshold, although, of course, all the associated Optimove campaigns will result in the single Google campaign run to that list.