Facebook Custom Audiences (FCAs) are an advertising targeting system by which Facebook allows advertisers to target lists of specific Facebook users for particular pay-per-click or CPM campaigns. Advertisers match Facebook users using email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook user IDs, app user IDs or any combination of these identifiers. Once a customer list is uploaded to Facebook, ads will appear only for customers matched to that list.

The biggest challenges with effectively using FCAs for customer retention are deciding which customers to include in which lists and then manually updating the numerous lists on a frequent basis. Optimove addresses both of these challenges as part of its core functions: the software allows marketers to identify and manage large numbers of highly-targeted micro-segments of customers and automatically updates the customers in each list every day. Updating the lists daily maximizes the response rates of customers by always targeting customers with the most relevant messages and incentives, given each customer’s most recent actions and behaviors.

Getting Started

To use FCAs as a campaign channel within Optimove, you need to perform the following steps:

1. Provide Facebook Ad Account Details to Optimove

In order for Optimove to connect to your Facebook ad account, you need to provide the following information to the Optimove integration staff:

  1. Facebook ad account name and ID – The name and ID of the Facebook ad account you want Optimove to use. The ID can be found in Facebook’s Ads Manager, by selecting the relevant ad account from the dropdown list (as shown at right).
  2. User ID type – You must choose the method by which Facebook will match its users to the customers in your database. You may select up to three of the following matching methods – more methods mean more matched customers! (Of course, the values for whichever option you select must be included in the daily data received by Optimove.)
    • Email address (or hashed email address)
    • Phone number (or hashed phone number)
    • Facebook user ID
  3. Additional ad account names and IDs (optional) – required if you want to use shared Custom Audiences.
  4. Facebook application ID (optional) - when working with Facebook user IDs, provide the Facebook application ID used for extracting user IDs.

Note: the hashing method must be SHA256. You can read more about working with this hashing method here. If you choose to provide non-hashed email addresses or phone numbers (not recommended), Optimove will perform the hashing for you.

2. Accept Facebook’s Custom Audience Terms of Service

After you have been informed by Optimove’s integration staff that they have completed the initial setup, you need to login to your company’s Facebook account and accept Facebook’s terms for using Custom Audiences. Before proceeding, log out of any connected Facebook accounts, to avoid connecting to the wrong account.

Point your browser to the following page, log in using your company’s Facebook credentials and accept the Custom Audience Terms of Service.

3. Log in to Facebook from within Optimove

From the Run Campaign wizard, create a new Facebook campaign by selecting the “Facebook” channel. The Facebook Login button will appear to the right.

Click Login and enter your company’s Facebook credentials. Then, click Yes twice in the dialogs that follow, to grant “OptimoveEngager” access to your public profile and to manage ads.

From this point on, Optimove should remain connected to Facebook without any further intervention. If, for any reason, the approval is removed, you will be asked to log in to Facebook again from within Optimove.

4. Schedule a Facebook Campaign

Once the above steps have been completed, you are ready to run your first FCA campaign.

To run a campaign, select the “Facebook” channel when scheduling a campaign and select the desired custom audience from the drop-down list that appears.

If you previously provided Optimove with additional Facebook ad account names and IDs, you may also select, at this time, with which ad account(s) the selected custom audience will be shared.

From this point on, Optimove will now automatically populate the selected FCA list with the customer IDs included in the selected Target Group, on a daily basis. When the campaign is over, Optimove will remove all customer IDs from the list.

5. Set up the Campaign in Facebook

After the campaign is scheduled in Optimove, use the Facebook Ads Manager to create or select the desired Facebook campaign for the Custom Audience populated by Optimove.