The integrated solution of CheetahMail and Optimove helps marketers increase customer engagement and spend, by using predictive customer modeling to personalize customer marketing campaigns.

Once configured, Optimove connects to the CheetahMail system to instruct CheetahMail to execute email campaigns, i.e., to send out particular email templates to specified customer lists.

Setting Up the Integration

In order to enable the integration between your Optimove site and your CheetahMail account, the following steps are required:

  1. The unique customer identifier used in CheetahMail must appear in the Optimove customer database. For example, if this is email address, then each customer's email address must be included in the daily data update that Optimove receives. If this is not already the case, contact your Optimove CSM to make the necessary arrangements.
  2. Inform your Optimove CSM of the exact field name used for the unique customer identifier in CheetahMail. You can find this name in the Data Map section of the CheetahMail management UI. This field name appears in the Map To column.

  3. If you will be using personalized fields in your CheetahMail email templates (e.g., first name, favorite department), you will need to ensure that those fields exist in both CheetahMail and the Optimove customer database. In this case, contact your Optimove CSM with the exact CheetahMail field names as they appear in the Map To column, as shown above.
  4. Ensure that the CheetahMail database is updated daily. For example, when new customers register, their information must be promptly updated in CheetahMail.
  5. Ask the CheetahMail support department or your account manager to create a folder named "Optimove" in your CheetahMail account's My Files section. You will need to save the email templates to be used by Optimove in this folder.
  6. Provide your Optimove CSM with the following information about your CheetahMail account. These details are available from the CheetahMail support department or your account manager:
    • The Folder ID of the folder named "Optimove" created in the previous step
    • The Cust_ID that is assigned to your CheetahMail account
    • The PROP_MAP_ID
    • API access credentials
      • API endpoint URL
      • Consumer Keys
      • Consumer Secret
      • Client Identifier
  7. Ask the CheetahMail support department or your account manager to add Optimove's API server IP addresses to CheetahMail's IP whitelist. Without this step, Optimove's servers will not be permitted to contact the CheetahMail API. Your Optimove CSM will provide you with these IP addresses.

Once the above steps are complete, your Optimove CSM will ensure that the integration is configured on the Optimove side. When the integration is ready for use, your CSM will let you know so that you can send your first CheetahMail campaign from Optimove.

Executing CheetahMail Campaigns Using Optimove

  1. Schedule a campaign in Optimove, selecting CheetahMail as the execution channel.
  2. Select the desired template(s) from the list of available templates (Optimove retrieves the list of available templates from CheetahMail once a day).
  3. Set the desired send time for the campaign.

Optimove will automatically execute your CheetahMail campaigns.

Important note: In order to cancel a campaign that has already been processed, you will need to delete it the Optimove UI and also in your CheetahMail account UI.

Behind the Scenes

On a daily basis, Optimove performs the following steps for each campaign scheduled for that day:

  1. Optimove prepares the campaign in CheetahMail (using the CheetahMail API).
  2. Optimove prepares the list of customers to receive the campaign.
  3. Optimove instructs CheetahMail to send the email by providing the following parameters via the CheetahMail API:
    • The customer_id and any configured Data Map fields
    • The ID of the email template to use
    • The date and time of execution

CheetahMail Campaign Metrics in Optimove

Optimove connects to the CheetahMail API once a day, for a period of one week following the sending of each CheetahMail campaign, in order to retrieve the campaign's delivery metrics. These metrics are displayed within Optimove's Campaign Analysis page for each executed campaign.

This table presents the equivalent metric names between CheetahMail and Optimove:








Unique Opens


Unique Clicks


Unique Unsubscribes