The following table presents all the ChannelID values available for use with the Optimove API.

Channel ID Channel Name Channel Type Execution Type
4 Acoustic (formerly IBM Watson Campaign Automation, formerly Silverpop) Email Scheduled
5 Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email (formerly ExactTarget) Email Scheduled
6 SmartFocus Email Scheduled
7 MailChimp Email Scheduled
8 Facebook Custom Audience Paid Ad Scheduled
9 Emarsys Email Scheduled
12 TextLocal SMS Scheduled
14 Mapp (formerly Teradata / Appoxee) Push Scheduled
15 Optimail Email Scheduled + Triggered
16 Bronto Email Scheduled
17 Google Display Network Paid Ad Scheduled
22 Google Customer Match Paid Ad Scheduled
23 Braze Push Push Scheduled
24 Responsys Email Email Scheduled
27 Instagram Paid Ad Scheduled
28 Salesforce Marketing Cloud MobilePush (formerly ExactTarget) Push Scheduled
29 Optipush Push Scheduled
30 Braze Webhook API Scheduled
31 Braze Webpush Web Push Scheduled
33 Braze Email Email Scheduled
200 Webpage Pop-up Website Triggered
201 Triggered API API Triggered
202 Triggered SMS SMS Triggered
203 Triggered Push Push Triggered
204 Triggered Email Email Triggered
205 Triggered Web Push Web Push Triggered
206 Triggered In-app Inbox In-app Triggered
207 Triggered In-platform Website Triggered
401 OtherLevels Push Scheduled
402 XtremePush Mobile Push Push Scheduled
403 Marketo Push Push Scheduled
405 Carma Push Notifications Push Scheduled
410 DynamicMessaging Direct Scheduled
411 Wiraya Direct Scheduled
421 Campaign Monitor Email Scheduled
422 Dotmailer Email Scheduled
424 Marketo Email Email Scheduled
425 Cheetah Mail Email Scheduled
426 YesMail Email Scheduled
427 Atreemo Email Email Scheduled
431 PostUp Email Scheduled
432 Dr Mailer Email Scheduled
440 MMG SMS Scheduled
441 Mobivate SMS Scheduled
442 Cellent SMS Scheduled
443 Marketo SMS SMS Scheduled
444 XtremePush SMS SMS Scheduled
447 InfoBip SMS Scheduled
448 Link Mobility SMS Scheduled
449 Waterfall SMS Scheduled
454 Retargeting API Paid Ad Scheduled
455 Vibes SMS Scheduled
460 OtherLevels Web Push Web Push Scheduled
461 XtremePush Web Push Web Push Scheduled
462 Vizury Web Push Scheduled
480 OtherLevels In-app Inbox In-app Scheduled
490 Atreemo SMS SMS Scheduled
491 Wiraya SMS SMS Scheduled
492 Fortytwo SMS Scheduled
493 Yomoco SMS SMS Scheduled
496 Blue Infinity SMS Scheduled
497 Gupshup SMS Scheduled
498 M-Target SMS Scheduled
501 Lobby Banner Website Scheduled
502 Call Center Direct Scheduled
503 Direct Mail Direct Scheduled
504 Email Email Scheduled
505 SMS SMS Scheduled
506 Push Notification Push Scheduled
507 In-platform Website Scheduled
509 Other Other Scheduled
510 Web Push Web Push Scheduled
511 In-app Inbox In-app Scheduled
512 Retargeting Paid Ad Scheduled
515 Chat Bot Other Scheduled