The integrated solution of Airship and Optimove makes it easy to plan and execute realtime mobile in-app campaigns, based on the advanced customer segmentation & orchestration capabilities available in Optimove.

By linking between Optimove & Airship SDKs, Optimove will trigger Airship’s SDK and as a result an in-app message will be delivered, without any additional effort and integration.

Setting Up the Integration


To leverage Airship trigger in-app capabilities within Optimove, you will need to integrate both the Optimove Mobile SDK & Airship SDK in your app and follow the instructions below to link their key identifiers.

Configuration Settings

    1. Login to Optimove’s Service Desk
    2. Submit a request under the “Optimove API Request” section for “Production API (Third Party Vendor Access)”.
    3. Under the third-party vendor list, choose “Airship – Triggered In-app”.
    4. Share the API username and password generated with Airship and wait for their approval that everything is set up.

Executing Triggered In-app Campaigns Using Optimove

Set Up Your Trigger In-App Campaigns in Optimove

    1. When setting up a triggered campaign in Optimove, select “Triggered In-app Inbox” as the campaign’s execution channel. For a step-by-step guide on how to set up a triggered campaign click here.
    2. Select the desired template(s) for the campaign from the list of available templates you have created in your Airship account.

Optimove Automatically Generates the Campaign

As soon as a customer in a particular target group performs the particular activities that are included in the trigger your defined (e.g. clicking a specific button), Optimove will trigger the defined in-app message via Airship.