This document describes the integration between Optimove and the 888 Adjustment API for the automatic activation of player adjustments. The goal of this integration is to allow Optimove to activate bonus points or loyalty points for specific lists of players within the 888 BARC system, using three bonus types: Bingo Bonus, Instant Games Bonus and Loyalty Points.

Connecting Optimove to the Adjustment API

In order to connect the Optimove and 888 BARC systems via API, Optimove integration staff must receive the following details provided by 888:

  • Network ID
  • Platform ID
  • Category IDs for the relevant categories (e.g., Games category IDs)

The matching of players between Optimove and BARC is performed using the numeric Customer ID attribute.

Who does it: Optimove sets this up in the software, using the details provided by the marketer.

Executing Campaigns with Adjustment via Optimove

When setting up a marketing campaign in Optimove, the marketer adds the 888 Adjustment API as an additional execution channel to the campaign:

Optimove supports two methods for defining the adjustment amount for each campaign recipient:

  1. Fixed – each campaign recipient receives the specified bonus amount
  2. Personalized – each campaign recipient receives a personalized bonus amount, using a formula based on a specific customer attribute. For example, to grant each recipient a bonus of 50% of that recipient’s weekly deposit amount, select the ‘Weekly Deposit Amount’ attribute and use the formula ‘* 0.5’, as shown above.

Adjustment limitations:

  • Due to processing limitations of the API, using this channel requires the specification of a 1-day lead time when setting up the campaign in Optimove. Lead time is defined in step 2 of the Run Campaign wizard.
  • The adjustment value provided cannot be 0. If the result of the personalized amount type for a specific customer is 0, Optimove will omit this customer from the adjustment (the customer will still receive the campaign via any other channels defined for the campaign).
  • Each 888 network has a predefined bonus amount limit per adjustment that must not be exceeded. Exceeding the limit for any player will result in a failure to update the adjustments for the entire group of players.

When executing a campaign with a bonus adjustment value, Optimove’s service will automatically update the list of eligible players within BARC, adding the specific amount defined for each player to that player’s balance.